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The Brooklyn Fishing Report Well, summer is here and few people can put together a NYC and Brooklyn summer vacation like Ole Mrbrklyn here. This has been a great summer for fishing and the water front. I've spent considerable time, over the years, as a passanger on most of the Brooklyn based boats including the old Pilot, Explorer and current boats like the Ocean Eagle, Captain Dave, Flamingo III, and my favorite boat of late, the Marilyn Jean IV.

We have fished the Marilyn Jean this summer day and night, rain and shine, and the pilots of this vessel put me on the fish every time and have also attracted a very decent group of traveling companions. Tony Pelican, Frank, Felix, Anthony, Joe Joe and Ralph never fail to make good company, and to freely help with a tip or two on how to bring them in. We've had some memorable times. Here is a new section on Brooklyn Fishing and Fishing Reports

Heading: 2013 Politics The term limits are finally taking affect, which is presenting the public with a bewildering number of new canidates for city council. Within Brooklyn, the large block of ethnic Jewish voters have a chance to put elected officials into office. Since Jewish political power has been gerrymandered from exisitence within the Boro on the federal congressional level, these local elections are perhaps alone in allowing for Jewish representation. Furthermore, many minority areas have been left with minimal leadership development as politicians of the Democratic Party sit on districts and have discouraged constructive participation. Meanwhile areas of the northern borough have not yet unlocked their political voice as newer residents of redeveloped communities. All this can change with the term limits. There has been a lower level leadership vacumn in the city since Koch administration. There are just not enough experienced and decent canidates to even make a field for a Mayoral race. Term limits can change this starting this year.

Chaim Deutsch

In the 48th Council District, the best Democratic Canidate, by far, is Chaim Deutsch. Chaim Deutsch has been in city government for nearly 20 years, but that would not alone be a reason to elect him. In fact, that might be an argument to keep him out of office except that Chaim Deutsch has a record which when examined shows someone who truly understands the essential meaning of representation of a community and supporting its needs. Chaim Deutsch has raised, and continues to raise his children in the community and has done the foot work for decades, working to protect our interests, may it be from working with the people who suffered losses from Huricaine Sandy to something as small as registering bicycles with the police department in the 70th precient. But he doesn't just bring city services, but he motivates the community through his enthusiasm, hard work and example, to come to the city's agencies and political structure to bend the city to the community's needs. Chaim is a community worker who isn't just trying to pluck the greatest prized pork for specific constituencies. He does not view the City Government as a huge Thanksgiving turkey to be carved up to the bone and left empty after a feeding frenzy. Chaim has a record of organizing people to work for and with the City for the community, and that, not pork barrel politics and payola, is the very cornerstone of good governance.

In the wake of the Bloomberg administrations 12 years in office, a lot of change will be rushing it. Bloomberg has left a good part of this City fundementally broken. His mayority has all but ignored the outer boroughs needs, in his rush to regulate everything that moves, and stamp out the rest. He has pushed his agenda of bicycles, commuter taxes, and fattening the MTA relentlessly, making expensive changes to the city's landscape that would make it difficult or near impossible for future governments to undo. It has become a city that can't pick up the trash on Kings Highway and Pitkin Avenue, but has lined up pretty new bicycles all over downtown Brooklyn by the thousands and planted trees in the middle of Ocean Avenue. It can't motivate the MTA to hold down expenses and provide services, but it can fine outer borough eating establishments in a discriminatory manner, raising record amounts, and forcing local businesses into bankrupcy, while the rats run naked all over the subway tracks. Meanwhile, the City Council has been asleep at the switch, concerned mostly with their pet pork, allowing itself to be steamrolled for a price. Oversite, budget and control as been the last thing the council has been concerned with.

The 48th Council district deserves a City Council member who can represent us, not just cut deals for more pork. He understands that each of us must feel like they are participants IN government, and not just clients OF government. Chaim Deutsch should be the next representitive of the 48th NYC Council district. God help us is any of these other guys get elected.

Weiner and the Brooklyn Representation Fallout

Brooklyn Historical Tours

The Brooklyn Museum has over 2000 photographs of historical Brooklyn which are not on display by Photographer George Bradford Brainerd who lived from 1847 throught 1887. Over 200 of them are reproduced on the Museums Website and it deserves a look (not to mention an exhibit). This is a marvelous and critical collection which preserves our heritage.

More MTA DEBT: The MTA is still out of controll
Live Big Gun Amuminition Dump found off of Bensonhurst waters

The latest news from the MTA is that they are taking over Nostrand Avenue with a exclussive new Bus Lane, dividing one of the tightest and busiest streets in the Boro, in half, and harrasing Brooklyn Residents for years to come. All this is from an MTA that cancelled the Cortelyou Rd bus supposedly because it didn't have enough money.

One of the worst aspects of this Bus Zone will be the ability of the Bus Drivers create total mahaim by controlling the lights through the Junction, one of the hardest intersections in NY to travel through because of the blocking action of the lights on the crossing over the Flatbush and Nostrand avenue crossing

The biggestest Secret in NY is the Department of Educations's phone number, which 311 doesn't have and which isn't listed on their website.
The number is 718-935-2000

From WNYC:
Just how bad are they? MTA Chairman Dale Hemmerdinger earlier this week predicted riders would be calling up their legislators later this year, saying, "My God, I can't get to work on time!"

While Brooklyn has always been where America is at home, small neighborhoods, tight communities, and strong culture, a new element has sprung open on our shores, one of hipsters, world acclaimed artists, craftsman, fashion and youth. And as the world has flooded into our borough, few places could have been better prepared to accept them. And while the industrial brawn of this city has waned, new centers of craftsmanship, theater, film, technology and commerce have found homes all across this borough. In case you haven't heard, Brooklyn is now the place to be. The flurry of activity in our burg has ripples all across the world from the salons of Paris to the tech hubs of India. Brooklyn is going through a historical transformation, such as the likes which the world rarely witnesses. Come join Brooklyn-Living in the celebration this great place.

The Evil of MTA Borrowing that you pay for every day

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