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Kids have always been the center of attention at Coney Island - and in this regard, nothing has changed.

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With at least 3 full-blown Kiddie Parks, and more Cotton Candy then any mother
would deem healthy for their child, Coney Island is the greatest family activity
in the USA.

Kids Love Coney Island. They get swept up with the Beach, bewitched by the
Boardwalk, and are mesmerized by the rides! Coney Island has more kids'
activities on a summer day, then perhaps the rest of the city combined.
When you include the Abe Stark Sports center with ice skating and indoor
sports, the Brooklyn Aquarium, Disco Bumper Cars, Fishing off the Pier,
The Coney Island Freak Show, Kite Flying, Batting Cage, Go Carts, dozens
of restaurants, and year 'round attractions and music, Kids leave Coney
with the experience of a lifetime, everytime they go.

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