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Coney Island - Brooklyn, NY

Was that a 2x4 I saw holding this thing together?!

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This was originally written, animation and art all done and copyrighted by myself, Ruben Safir, in 1997 for a website called Brooklyn On Line. This past week, in 2022, I had a chance to get down the Coney Island and Flushing Meadows where I took new pics. The originals were done with a Cannon AE-1 on film and scanned with an early flatbed scanner. The new pcis where does digital with a Cannon G7X MarkII and this video that includes Citifield, Flushing, Coney Island and more was stiched together with Openshot running on Artix Linux.
Flushing Meadows, Citifeild, Cyclone, Deno's Wonderwheel, and more
On the Wonderwheel. I give up focus control with the automated Camera but the pics still are nice
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